Belle de Nuit is a unique collection within the lighting sector. It seamlessly blends the warmth of porcelain with an array of vibrant, cheerful colors, inviting you into the magnificent spectrum of Lladró's palette. This series comprises hanging, wall, and tabletop lamps, offered in various sizes.

Designed alongside the internal design department and decoration department of Lladró. Handmade in Spain.‎


Beauty of the Night.‎ Such is the name of the plant whose petals reflect the moonlight, thus acquiring the magical property of glowing in the dark.‎ This striking species provides the inspiration for the Belle de Nuit lighting collection.‎
A particular mention is deserved for the spectacular chandeliers which update the classic hanging lamp in a new language. Available with 12, 24, 40 and 56 lights and white porcelain lampshades.‎

The original and cutting-edge designs in this unique collection are sure to give our favorite space a cozy, inviting atmosphere.
Glass is replaced by porcelain, with its manifold decorative possibilities and the usual fabric lampshades give way to lithophanes which, once lit, reveal the evocative etchings on the surface.