Dominio de la Vega


Dominio De la Vega Winery embarked on a journey towards a green transition in their production process, aiming to foster sustainable environmental and social development within their sector. In partnership with Silvia Mar Studio, we undertook a comprehensive exercise in synthesis, with the objective of minimizing the processes and materials used in packaging and other aspects of this natural evolution.

The outcome of our analysis led to two main proposals. Firstly, we suggested a redesign of the brand identity to make it simpler and more uniform, thereby fostering a stronger connection between the company and its products. Secondly, we developed a simplified yet powerful graphic design for the bottle labels.

This is a long-term consulting project, and our advice goes beyond just the products. We continue to advise them on all actions and decisions that may have an impact on their sustainability and social aspects, ensuring that the winery’s influence extends beyond its immediate operations.

PHOTO©Dominio de la Vega

We have also worked in the naming process for their products. For the wines, we have adopted an innovative approach where the names are derived from the winery partners. Each wine is named after a partner, with the characteristics of the wine reflecting the personality of the partner it represents. As for the cavas, we have opted for a numerical naming system. This approach ensures a unique identity for each product while maintaining a cohesive brand image.
The design of the labels draws inspiration from the tunnels of the cellar, creating a unique connection between the product and its place of origin. We have utilized the same die-cut for the labels on both the front and back of the bottles, ensuring consistency in design. This design is replicated across the wines and the young cavas, thereby reinforcing the winery’s identity through a distinctive and unique label that is prevalent across the majority of its products. This approach not only creates a strong brand identity but also provides a sense of continuity and unity across the product range.
In terms of packaging, we have made significant strides towards sustainability. We have managed to reduce the weight of the bottles, which in turn decreases the use of raw materials and lowers the carbon footprint. All unnecessary elements from the packaging, including the cava collar and wine capsules, have been eliminated.

To safeguard the wine’s cork, we apply a minimal amount of wax. This approach not only ensures the integrity of the product but also minimizes the use of raw materials, further contributing to our sustainability efforts.
In the case of cava, we have reduced the capsule size to the smallest dimension that the production machine can handle. As a result, no residue remains on the bottle when the capsule is removed.

All of this efforts are a testament to our commitment to creating a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production process.