Can a sticker have a positive effect on society?

Our proposal has aimed to keep in mind the central idea motivating the EnsaimadArt call. We refer to the question of whether a label can have a positive effect on society. Our response, being realistic, is that it cannot achieve this on its own. However, we believe it can contribute to highlighting other things that may also have such an effect. In our case, a 12-minute video accessible through the direct link on our label. It's "The Island of Flowers," a documentary by Jorge Furtado made in 1989 that fascinated us the first time we saw it and which, we think, could equally captivate those who discover it for the first time or those who, knowing it, may have forgotten it. And if someone decides to share it with others once discovered or rediscovered, it will help spread the things we understand to have positive effects. It's a simple example that fits on our label. But every stone builds a wall. And every label can be another link in a network that shares useful information so that things that can have a positive effect on society are known to more and more people.

Amadip.esment is one of the most important and prestigious spanish associations specialized in assisting and offering jobs to handicapped people. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, they created ‘EnsaimadArt’, a project consisting in designing the round label (270mm in diameter) attached to the iconic octagonal boxes containing Majorca’s most famous pastry – the ensaimada.


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Leila Méndez
Jullien Jean
Fernando Gutierrez
Two Points
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Albert Pinya
Vince Frost
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Jim Sutherland at Hat-Trick Design
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