The Matilda collection is born from a material as pure as earth. It has been shaped through a handcrafted manufacturing process to achieve unique pieces that, by combining them creatively, offer multiple decorative compositions. The handmade lattices are produced in two different colors, natural white, and glazed black and are offered in a 20x20cm format.

With this collection the studio invites architects and interior designers to be creative designing an infinite number of compositions adapted to their projects designing patterns and solutions quieter or stronger depending on their arrangement.


ADCV Gold 2022
Silver Delta 2022
In Matilda 2, two sizes of circles have been subtracted and placed off-center. While the piece may appear simple at first glance, its true potential is revealed when the unit is repeated on facades or space separators, creating patterns that can be more ornamental or floral, or more quiet and symmetrical.
Matilda 16 features a neutral design reminiscent of construction bricks, enabling quieter compositions. The decorative potential expands when combining both designs.