Metropolis presents a captivating collection of functional objects including vases, lamps, mirrors, and boxes, each crafted in the likeness of buildings, forming a highly distinctive cityscape. While not realistic, the collection suggests an imaginary or futuristic urban landscape. Comprising seven pieces available in various colors, the collection features pure tones that infuse monochromatic pieces with a unique vibrancy. From grey to yellow, green to white, the pieces are offered in nine colors, all seamlessly combinable to create striking compositions.

Designed alongside the internal design department and decoration department of Lladró, handmade in Spain.


In Metropolis, the refined forms of these avant-garde buildings are well combined with the meticulousness and detail with wich are recreated their textures, painstakingly ornamented as a miniature embroidery, a hallmark of handcrafted work at Lladró.