Through the use of simple and refined shapes, the Nácar fan (“abanico”) is presented as a tribute to the hand fan craftsman’s guild. The design uses ebony wood with the intention of highlighting nacre, a material that is technically very complex to work with. To achieve this, the duo immersed themselves in a close collaboration with the last artisan in Europe dedicated to nacre, prioritising the hand-in-hand work with the workshop to honour the authenticity and the artisanal tradition.

Organised by Valencia World Design Capital 2022, the exhibition “Designing the Air” traces a journey through one of the most traditional pieces of the Valencian artefact memory: the hand fan. Studio Inma Bermúdez has been one of the twenty design profiles in charge of reinterpreting this traditional product to recover its connection with contemporary culture.


Eli Gutiérrez
María Royo
Antonio Serrano
Nieves Contreras
Ricard Ferrer
Ángel Blay
Vicent Martínez
Sohei Arao
Nani Marquina
Arnau Reyna
Yukari Taki
Antonio Serrano