Sentat seats blend innovation, simplicity and design. Drawing inspiration from traditional cushions, the seating concept has been evolved to craft a comfortable, original, functional and exceptionally durable product. Designed with everyday use in mind, our focus on usability ensures Sentat seats are the perfect companions in modern spaces.

The collection is designed for daily use, aiming to enhance leisure, culture, and the enjoyment of work. It's versatility makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor, public and private settings such as classrooms, parks, swimming pools, airports or office spaces.


IF Awards Winner 2021
Bronze Delta 2020
ADCV Silver 2019
The material has been engineered to achieve exceptional durability, incorporating features such as fire resistance, all-weather suitability, UV stability, ease of cleaning, waterproofing, child safety, and convenient storage. Furthermore, it provides customisation options, enabling the addition of logos and the selection of a custom color.
The Punto trolleys are designed to store the cushions and move them around. Even to move them up and down staircases.
The Punto wallbracket is designed to store the cushions easily. Or to have a fun wall with utility, why not?
The Punto Stool is the evolution of Punto. A seating solution designed for high-traffic areas. Constructed from precision-calibrated steel tubing with a matte micro-textured powder-coated finish and polyurethane cushioning.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, fire-resistant, and built to withstand all weather conditions.
UV-resistant and easy to clean, with waterproof properties, making it safe for children. It is stackable and customizable, allowing for personalized logos and color options.