For the design the VÄSTERÖN stool and bench, Studio Inma Bermudez traveled all the way to China to be in direct contact with engineers and suppliers. They wanted to learn firsthand about their processes in order to optimize and streamline them, thus maximizing the performance of the products. For the manufacture, the team used recycled and environmentally friendly materials such as metal pipes, wires, and mesh, combining the strongest and lightest materials with plastic to reduce wear on floors. The products hace a powder-coated steel finish to protect them from corrosion and extend their lifespan.

The result is two durable, long lasting products with a low and accessible retail price that can be used anywhere in the home due to their lightweight nature, making them very easy to move in different living spaces.
Designed alongside Francis Cayouette.


On our visit to China, we encountered a supplier that was manufacturing baskets for the IKEA Pax System.

Inspired by this, and leveraging their expertise, we inverted the baskets and creatively redesigned them to form the collection. This beautful and practical encounter is the result of what VÄSTERÖN is today.